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What is latex and where do you get it from?

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Are you undecided about which new mattress to buy and are you looking for opinions? Which to choose between memory foam or springs? Have you thought about latex considering a natural latex mattress as a double or single mattress for your bedroom? Let’s look at the features of this product to help you understand if it is the right mattress for your rest!

What is latex and where do you get it from?

Latex is a milky-looking emulsion found in many plants in nature. Once extracted, to be used in the field of mattresses, it is processed and foamed through high-pressure air jets and then poured onto special molds from where it comes out shaped in the form of a mattress.

A latex mattress can be defined as natural if it is made up of at least 85% natural latex. Only in this way can it indicate the indication “natural origin” and to be an ecological latex mattress it must have, as certification.

The characteristics of natural latex:

Elasticity: latex can undergo very large deformations without breaking and has the ability to recover its original shape almost instantaneously when the load is eliminated.

Freshness and breathability: not having the characteristic of taking the shape of the body, it is very fresh and dry, suitable for those who suffer particularly from the heat.

Hygiene: the latex has bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal properties, which determine absolute hygiene and anellergicity.

Why choose a natural latex mattress?

In the market there are many types of latex, the differences are in the material that composes it and in the layers, in fact, it can be monolayer or multilayer. It is advisable to opt for a single-layer mattress, in fact, if the mattress has more layers it is to be excluded that it is a product made entirely of natural latex and this certainly degrades the nature of what we are looking for. Find out more through Bestmattress-brand.org on this issue.

A fundamental aspect is the presence of holes. In fact, during processing, the latex is drilled to create different supports: the larger holes guarantee greater softness, while the smaller ones offer greater support. One of the reasons for choosing natural latex is that this material has a buffering effect, but still manages to accommodate the body, distribute its weight optimally and support it at the same time.