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Differences in hardness grade 5 according to materials

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Especially with the selected degree of hardness 5, the material for the mattress plays a major role in terms of comfort. Some materials are softer than others. At the same time, the final degree of hardness is brought about in different ways.

Hardness 5 in cold foam mattresses

Due to the high degree of hardness 5 cold foam mattresses have a particularly firm feeling. However, this does not only depend on the degree of hardness 5. The high flexibility of cold foam is mainly guaranteed by compression hardness and density. The compressive strength is defined by its name. It allows a conclusion on the force required to depress the material by 40 percent.

The volume weight is representative of the density of the material in the mattress core. The volumetric weight is to be understood as an indication of quality. It influences the dimensional stability and longevity of the mattress as well as the sleeping comfort. Nevertheless, volume weight and hardness are not necessarily interdependent. Even a rather firm mattress with grade 5 can have a low density. Differences are caused, among other things, by used cuts and applied zones in the mattress. These support different body positions differently strong. So you do not have to give up on “soft” comfort even with the degree of hardness 5.

Grade 5 of Visco mattresses

Visco mattresses tend to be rather soft. Nevertheless, they guarantee a high-pressure relief and a good body adaptation. The degree of hardness 5 is rarer here. In addition, should rather be looked at the volume weight of the mattress instead of just the degree of hardness. The volume weight acts directly on the supporting core. It ensures the adequate relief and support of the body weight. This volume weight should be higher rather than low at high body weight. For foam mattresses, a density of at least 40 kilograms per cubic meter is recommended. You can read from our website about how to stop sleeping on my stomach every night