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About various anti-decubitus mattresses:

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There are those in expanded polyurethane foam, they are the so-called Memory anti-decubitus mattresses, which have as their strength the good ventilation between the mattress and the body, in this way the pressure on the protruding points of the body is reduced and correct ventilation is assured that contrasts moisture formation.

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Another version is one in which the inside of the mattress is supplied with air bubbles. This kind of mattress should be placed on top of another existing mattress. They are called alternating cycles because they alternate the phases in which they are swollen and those in which they deflate, based on the position of the body that is taken by the patient. The resulting sensation is that of a continuous but light massage. This type of anti-decubitus mattress is recommended to prevent sores, they act through a compressor that propagates the air and for this reason they need the electric network.

A special medical mattress is the one that is used for very thin people and who make elasticity and reaction, their strong point, is the silicone hollow fiber mattresses. In practice they are empty inside and are made of polyester, however, they are special cases that cannot be adapted to other types of patients.

Finally, there are also water or gel mattresses, which act by fluctuating transformation, decrease or increase the pressure according to the command they receive from a software. They have a considerable cost and generally, these are mattresses that are not easy to use, as well as having to be inspected to ensure their integrity and correct operation.

Some basic elements remain regardless of the type of medical mattress chosen, and the patient’s pathology, in fact, every health bed must have its own characteristic of breathability, hygiene, and comfort.

How do anti-decubitus mattresses work?

To understand how an anti-decubitus mattress works, we must first understand how injuries, tears or sores on the skin can be caused.

Basically, the causes are friction, stretching, and pressure from the contact point. In the latter case, the tissues undergo an ischemic phase, which leads to the formation of edema and necrosis on the epidermis.